Browser games for the reaction – they grab all attention. Literally immersed in what is happening one hundred percent and you give the game process all of yourself. Games for reaction in the browser are very convenient – you load the page and after a couple of seconds you are having fun. The speed in browser games is just as important as in computer games. Sometimes, here the player requires much more effort, since the emphasis is on the speed of the gamer’s reaction. Games for speed in the browser are popular and are unlikely to give up positions. Therefore, we suggest to check what your speed and reaction is – open in the browser any of the proposed entertainment.

Saving underwater inhabitants

Defrost penguins – the first toy from the list, which can take away a lot of minutes, giving a lot of emotions in return. At first glance, simple, in fact, it even has a story. Just imagine – monsters with magical abilities penetrated into the underwater world and froze the locals. Most of them were penguins, now in an ice trap. Any person with a heroic spirit is simply obliged to release them. This is what you need to do. The gameplay is simple – we click on single-color combinations of penguins and they magically disappear. The goal is not to allow the penguin mass from the ice to get to the top. Here you need speed and concentration.

Feed the hungry animals

The next project is Running a rabbit. The ears need help – they are hungry. They need a carrot, which is plenty on game levels. There is only one point – to get to the food is not so simple, at least after passing the first training levels. In the corner of the screen is a cannon, from which rabbits are flying out. From the trajectory of their flight depends on whether they get to the cherished carrots or not. The more rabbits are released, the fewer points there are in the end. The goal is to collect all the carrots on the levels, shooting a smaller number of rabbits. The last, incidentally, an infinite number, so you can spend all the points and continue to shoot, just enjoying what is happening. The reaction is very necessary, because often carrots will be in motion, and getting on them will not be so easy. Necessary:

correctly choose the trajectory of the shot;
solve puzzles;
Do not pull with actions.

Here is a browser-based entertainment online you will find on the platform RBK Games. Enjoy them and do not forget that in the browser you can find many interesting things!