What is interesting in the game Dead Island?

Miniclip gamesIt is enough for some little-known team to suddenly shoot a successful project, as already to all their next announcements, interest increases instantly. Yes, and the developers themselves are not extinguished in the current situation – they will certainly promise something like this, revolutionary and original. After the success of Call of Juarez, we have the right to expect from Polish Techland no less than a quality game, and by all indications zombie action Dead Island may well prove to be so.

The genre of games about walking dead is recently trying to refresh itself and show itself from a different angle. The beginning was laid Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse, which highlighted this topic with a new, unusual side to us. Now, in turn, Left 4 Dead is trying to push the ghouls to Olympus team shooters, and the award-winning series-veteran in the face of Resident Evil 5 moves to Africa and is going to scare us completely differently than before. In general, the genre boils and develops, so Techland keep a hand on the pulse. http://miniclipgamez.com/categories/44/zombie.html

No wonder we remembered Resident Evil 5, in terms of setting Dead Island moves in the same direction. The action takes place on a tropical island with jungles, beaches and bungalows. The protagonist, along with his wife fall into a plane crash, as a result of which they find themselves on the coast of one of hundreds of islets of the world ocean. It would seem, what upset? Lie to yourself, sunbathe, knock bamboo coconuts from palms and wait for help from the big earth. But all the thoughts about exoticism are at the root of destroying the limping subjects from the half-decomposed flesh suddenly appeared in the jungle. His beloved wife is kidnapped, and zombies are already heading toward the player, eagerly stirring their cultivars.

Later it turns out that in addition to the dead, on the island there are living homo sapiens – military, scientists, and simply surviving aborigines. And if the presence of the latter is understandable, then the rest are clearly not without purpose. In the plot there is a place for such terms as “experiment”, “mysterious artifact” and, apparently, “an unsuccessful experiment.” The island in Dead Island is an open world for exploring with competing factions, in the manner of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. or Far Cry 2. You will be able to move freely throughout the territory and receive quests from different clans, the performance of which will affect your credibility, the plot and the environment as a whole.

Play gamesIf you have the proper levels of trust in any faction, you can ask for support in a battle with a particularly zealous crowd of zombies. But more original is the reverse maneuver – to set the dead on specially fortified checkpoints, which it will be problematic to overcome by yourself.

The main thing in Dead Island is not an open world and zombies in the tropics. The bet is made on a revolutionary model of damage and interactivity of the environment. It would Seem, in Resident Evil 5 at the moment, the best system of rendering enemy’s wounds is declared – they naturally fall on the foot in case of damage to this limb, drop the weapon when it hits the hand, believably unfold due to the inertia of the bullet. But developers from Techland went even further. In their project, almost every bone and every organ in a rotten zombie body will be a separate object. And this means that we will be able to see your intestines, your jaws and your eyes. Whether such atrocities are possible not only with zombies is a question, but it is obvious that the rating of “Everyone” is clearly not threatening the game.

The claimed model of damage naturally affects the gameplay – the emphasis shifts towards melee. This is also conditioned by banal logic: for a dead zombie, an ax blow is obviously much more dangerous than a small hole from a nine-millimeter pistol. In the prevailing conditions, the already mentioned interactive environment comes to the aid of the player. Sticks, knives, tools, pieces of furniture and many other elements of the local interior will fit as a means of fighting half-rotten gourmets. You can shoot, too, do not worry.

New games 2018Techland operates quite reasonably. They take popular components from different hit projects (Resident Evil 5, Far Cry 2, Condemned 2: Bloodshot), competently glue them together and do not forget to add a fair amount of original moves and innovations. Ambitions are high, but not prohibitive, so that they can all turn out. We are waiting for the first sandbox-zombie action.


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