Day: October 28, 2017

Browser miniclip games with a choice of race, character and actions

Play Browser miniclip gamesBrowser miniclip games with a choice of actions of the character are interesting precisely thanks to such an opportunity. And how do you like this – a browser miniclip game with a choice of race, character and actions? Where there is more room for creativity! A good browser-based online miniclip game necessarily gives a choice of race and does not limit the choice of their actions. Any actions of the character of the game in a browser-based online game of a good level depend only on you and your imagination. And this is fine, because no one puts a stick in the wheel and does not lead by the handle. Everything happens at the behest of the heart and brings real pleasure. Platform Miniclip Games has for you several projects that perfectly fit the topic. Let’s consider them.

Is there anywhere to turn around

Fragory – RPG, available for free. Here you can create several characters and pump them as you like. Here are:


New miniclip gamesThe fantasy world is inhabited by dangerous creatures and other creatures. On the way there will be a lot of NPCs offering interesting quests and worthy awards.

Detailing, as for a browser, is good here. But Fragory attracts not just one graphic – the nonlinear development of the world, the creation of guilds, group or single execution of missions and solving puzzles will not leave even the experienced gamer indifferent.

Adapting to a new life

Shard of the Dreams or Shards of Dreams is a role-playing adventure for fans of fantasy. There is a client and a browser version. The story is this: there was a global cataclysm, after which the world split into separate parts. You can only navigate through the portals. At each location, its inhabitants, monsters, undead and other creatures. The most dangerous, by tradition, in the dungeons, of which there are plenty. But the trophies obtained there are much more expensive and more useful than artifacts obtained on the surface. There are several classes to choose from – priest, magician, thief and warrior. After the selection, you can change it until you reach the tenth level.

Ancient forces and endless wars

Play miniclip games for freeThe Dragon Ring is a project with a loud name. Elves and humans fought for a long time, constant ravages exhausted both races. There was a talented wizard who managed to forge a magic ring with the power of a dragon. He hopes that with his help he will manage to restore peace and reconcile the warring sides. Advantages of the game: unique bosses, powerful artifacts, interesting game modes.