Day: October 9, 2017

Browser games about dragons

Browser games about dragonsBrowser online games about dragons are intriguing and attract attention. Magic creatures, which have unprecedented power, are fascinating. I want to learn more about them, to see them with my own eyes, to enjoy the interaction with them. This and use developers who offer to play browser games with dragons. Browser games online about the dragons vary, but there are two obvious leaders in their genre, which you will tell the platform Miniclip Games. We advise you to play in each of them, and then choose the right one.

And again these magic rings

The first project is the Dragon Ring, similar in atmosphere to the most popular fantasy world – Middle-earth, where evil was encased in a ring, and then destroyed. Here the world is fragmented, because the great balance ring was broken. Everywhere the bloody wars of the elves with people broke out. The wizard managed to forge a new ring, which contained the power of the ancient creature. He has the hope that the subject will return peaceful times and the races will again prosper.

Play games about dragons 2017If in a nutshell, it’s MMORPG with a giant world and management, borrowed from MOBA games – it gives a special dynamism to the game engine. The main advantages of the project:

unique bosses, each of which needs its own tactics;
battles for resources and land between servers;
The use of powerful artifacts that empower the owner with extraordinary power.

Winged warriors come to the rescue

Dragon Knight – the second project, the browser version of which is worthy of attention. Two powerful parties started a war between themselves. The demons decided that they could compete with the gods and now their conflict has an impact on the fate of mankind. The player is invited to shoulder the burden of a brave knight, who set off on a journey through magical lands. He will meet the revived winged beings, accustom them and show to all who are in fact the ruler of all lands.

Online games about dragonsThis is classic for its genre MMORPG, where the world is explored, help is provided to all those in need, crowds of evil spirits are destroyed, and the character improves. There are bosses here, and you need to fight with them after careful preparation.

Here in such games about dragons you can play online. Just start the browser, wait for a quick download and go on an unforgettable journey. Let good luck accompany you on a difficult path, and intuition tells you how to do it!