Day: October 1, 2017

Guides for characters: shooter, warrior, magician

Guides for characters MagLegend of heroes – a browser RPG, which describes a fantasy world that is going through hard times. Everything would be fine, colorful creatures could live in peace and health, but something terrible happened – everything fell into the abyss of chaos. Evil attacked and good had to fight back. The player has to take on the management of the character, make it powerful and hurry to help all the good that is left in the world.

Traditional set

The characters in the Legend of the heroes are diverse. Guides for the characters warrior, shooter and magician create the gamers themselves, gaining enough experience. Guide on the magician, guide on the arrow, guide on the warrior – all this is three different training episodes, helping to look at passage from different sides, applying unique skills of this or that class.

A magician is a wizard trained in the use of destructive magic. In a battle can attack not only nearby, but also distant enemies, causing damage to the area. Especially good in massive battles, breaking the outcome of the battle with powerful spells.

Guides for characters WarriorWarrior – this guy wears armor and attacks only the enemy on the next cage. Despite its sluggishness, it serves as an excellent shield for archers and magicians, who obviously lack armor. It is advisable to have several warriors in the unit, so as not to turn less protected units into “meat”.

The archer – his arrow pierces all the cells in front of him. If you put the archer immediately after the warrior, you can get the perfect combination for killing an opponent. The main thing is to place the units competently on the field, not exposing those who can not stand it.

Here about these characters are written hajdy in the Legend about heroes. And they will be needed, because to fight with serious bosses without good preparation is suicide. Before you begin to test the high level, you need to literally go through fire and water. On the way, there will be demons and angels, a group of accomplices will be gathered, an entrance to the magical lands will open. At first, you will have to fight on your own, but, performing tasks, you can recruit five allies. And not only magicians, warriors, but archers will fall on the road – doctors, barbarians, murderers, keepers of secrets, ninjas willingly join the detachment.

Small tooltip

Before the fight, you should place the soldiers on the field. This is the only way to influence the outcome of the battle. As soon as the massacre begins, nothing can be done about it – it remains to observe what is happening and to hope that the right tactic has been chosen. The main task is to protect ranged units from direct hits. This is done by heroes with armor, this has already been said.

Routine but important tasks

New game 2017Well, after the battles it will be necessary to develop the castle, build mines, sawmills, farms, smithies and other traditional buildings for fantasy RPGs. They are needed to create equipment, enhance the skills of heroes and so on. By the way, there is a statue of the summoning, allowing to change the hero in the event that he does not like.

Where without PvP

PvP battles are simple – just throw the team at the Arena and wait, they will bring gold or the chopped bodies of their comrades. Let it not be so interesting, but effective, because the team that has been pumped will bring a lot of resources.